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It’s hard to believe that it has already been 2 years since we opened the doors to our beautiful Melbourne store – with that in mind, it’s time to embark on new ventures and give the other side of the river a go. We are extremely excited to announce that our new Chapel Street store will be opening in the first week of April. With hessian feature wall, vintage speaker installation and gymnasium-esque clothing racks- we’re swaying greatly from the warehouse vibe of our Russell Place store.

Roy has been working day and night to get this store ready for launch and we can’t wait to share it with you all. To sign up for our V.I.P mailing list and receive updates on the store(s), new collections, sales and events, send an email with your name and address to

Make Your Pet’s Comfort Count By Getting A Cheap Dog Bed For Them

Make Your Pet’s Comfort Count By Getting A Cheap Dog Bed For Them

Just like humans, your dog too needs a cozy place to lie on when resting or sleeping. This is why you need to get a cheap dog bed for your favorite pet.If you notice your dog is always jumping onto your bed or couches – that may be an indication that you have not provided a proper bed for it. Remember floors are hard and get quite cold at night or during winter. You can get a Doggy Beds: cheap dog beds for sale that is padded to provide warmth and comfort for your pet 24/7.
A cheap dog bed is also important because it gives your pet an exclusive place to rest and sleep inside the house. By doing so, you also reduce the amount of time your dog spends on the rug, carpet, bed or couch.
A cheap dog bed will also come in handy when traveling. You can use it in the car, RV, trailer or boat to ensure your pet stays cozy through long drives.
When choosing a cheap dog bed for your pet, you can find products in different sizes to accommodate different dog sizes and the available space you want to spare in your home. You will also find beds in different fabrics and padding thickness. Choose thicker padded beds for larger dogs to ensure the bed last longer.
If your pet dog has injuries or orthopedic issues, look out for orthopedic dog beds which are usually found in raised designs and flexible fabrics.